Viral video of Miami attempted murder proven fake

MIAMI - It was a story that was too good to be true... unfortunately, it was.

Thursday morning, social media was abuzz over a video that allegedly showed a South Florida woman surprising her cheating significant other inside a hotel room on Valentine's Day.

A video of a woman catching her husband in the hot tub with another man on Valentine's day has gone viral and many people are wondering if the video is real or a hoax.

In the video, a woman begins by explaining that she knew her man was cheating when her card became declined at Walmart. Standing outside of the door at the Comfort Inn, while someone was filming, the woman enters the room to find her husband in the hot tub with another man.

She then takes a radio and dumps it in the water resulting in the men being electrocuted.

Since the release of the video, several media outlets have reported that the woman in the video is Acesha Bright. A mug shot of Acesha Bright surfaced showing that she was arrested on February 11th. We did a little digging to determine if the woman in the video is actually Bright.

It appears that the woman in the video is NOT Acesha Bright, in fact, the video is NOT real. Here's the reasons why we believe the video was for mere entertainment.

If the woman in the video was actually Acesha Bright, why does her arrest record state that she got arrested on February 11th? The woman in the video caught her man in the act on Valentine's Day.

Also, is this lady tying to be in the "

 It appears that the lady is trying to really hype up the story with her camera man and bad acting.

Lastly, if you watch the video closely, one of the men has on pants as well as the radio doesn't seem to plugged up.

The video just doesn't seem to add up.

So, who is Acesha Bright and why did she get arrested?

Bright is a Miami Gardens woman who was charged for attempted murder on February 11th. She allegedly drove down a street and rammed into her boyfriend as he was walking outside.

As for the woman in the video, she's probably an inspiring actress trying to get her 15 minutes of fame. It looks like she accomplished her task.