Stop What You're Doing and Look at This Corvette Station Wagon Right Now

The long awaited shooting brake conversion package for the C7 Corvette is real, and it looks awesome.

After almost four years of anxious waiting since its original announcement, Callaway has finally unveiled its Corvette AeroWagon shooting brake conversion in person.


Just like the renders released back in 2013, Callaway has taken a stock C7 Corvette Coupe and elongated the roof, stretching it to the rear of the car. The result is a two-door shooting brake that makes for more practicality and extremely unique looks. The car pictured here is a Z06 model painted in Torch Red with some sweet aftermarket wheels. Despite the work needed to transform this C7 into a wagon, it looks clean enough to be factory-built.


Callaway says the removable targa roof is still perfectly functional, and cargo space has increased significantly. Additionally, installation only takes a few hours, no fabrication is required, and it's totally removable. So for just $14,990, you too can turn your C7 into the ultimate two-seat road tripper.

According to Callaway, deliveries for the AeroWagon were supposed to start in December of last year. Seeing as how this is the first time we've laid eyes on the C7 shooting brake in the flesh, the team might be a little behind schedule. But we can forgive them, because it looks awesome.