Sedated Washington boy, 4, dies at dentist

A 4-year-old Washington boy has died after going in for what was supposed to be a routine dental procedure.

Thmeka Curry said she took her son, Mykel Peterson, Friday to Must Love Kids pediatric dental practice in Vancouver, Wash., for his appointment. The soon-to-be 5-year-old was getting crowns put on some of his teeth.

Curry said her son had been a patient at the dental practice before, but this time when Mykel was given anesthesia he never woke up.

According to KOIN 6 News, Curry said instead of giving Mykel gas to put him under an anesthesiologist gave him a shot and she rocked him to sleep.

"(I) carried him to the room where I put him on the bed and I was told to wait in the lobby," she said.

Curry told WPTV that after the procedure, Mykel was put in the recovery room where he was supposed to wake up but he never did. She said one of the employees then noticed that the little boy was not breathing.

"I was eventually asked to leave when he started the chested compressions," she said. "I just went into shock, like this, is not really happening right now. So I'm just texting his dad and coworkers and friends, and they're just like, 'He'll be OK.'"

Mykel was rushed via ambulance to the hospital, but he later died. Curry said she's still awaiting answers on what happened to her son.

"It has not actually hit me yet that my son is not coming back and I'm just numb at this point," she told the news outlet.

The dental practice released a statement following the incident. KOIN 6 News also reported that the business had a sign on its front door Monday that it was closed.

"As dentists and staff devoted exclusively to the needs of children, all of us at Must Love Kids Pediatric Dentistry are heartbroken and devastated by this event," the statement read. "As to the specifics, outside medical experts will review what happened, so it would be premature to comment."