Michelle Obama sports a look we haven't seen on her in a long time...if ever

Some question why the former first lady didn't wear this more natural look during White House years.

Since we first met Michelle Obama on her husband's campaign trail for the U.S. Senate back in 2004, we've always known her to wear straight hair.

But more than a decade later, and after countless appearances in the global spotlight, the former first lady has finally been spotted going natural.

A recently surfaced Twitter photo from @meagnacarta that appears to be Michelle Obama, shows her wearing a cool pair of aviators, a gray tank, and a low pony full of curly hair... and the internet can't get enough of it.

Might we add though, the former FLOTUS's hair has always been fabulous whether it be styled in a lob, wavy or stick straight. The bangs were cool too. 

Many Twitter users are praising the former first lady for finally releasing the curls and... for her super glowy skin. 

User @RachelMasonArt said, "Such perfect natural beauty. She is perfection."

And, @EdieS said,"Her skin is PERFECTION. Buttery, buttery, buttery PERFECTION. She GLOWS."

Others took the opportunity to question why Michelle didn't wear her hair as seen in the photo during her White House years. 

User @tittycat_ said, "So wait, don't tell me there's a rule about natural hair in the White House?"

And @Ntheforest said,"she probably had people who tell her how she should fix her hair the same way how she and her husband should dress for public viewing"

It's unclear when or where the photo was taken, but the internet seems to be enthusiastically embracing this more natural look.

In 2015 Obama's hairstylist Johnny Wright toldRoot in an interview regarding the possibility of the First Lady with an afro , "I don't know. Maybe on vacation she will."