Expecting Mother Ciara Involved In Car Accident

Ciara was reportedly involved in a car crash in Los Angeles earlier today.

 Witness reports say that Ciara was driving a white Mercedes SUV, when she was apparently slammed into while making a left turn. The vehicle was T-Boned by another SUV, a grey Volvo, though there has been no report of who the other driver was. Apparently, Ciara was clutching her chest and her shoulder after police responded on the scene.

The concern, of course, besides the obvious concern of a car accident, is that Ciara is currently in her third trimester of pregnancy, as she’s expecting her first child with husband Russell Wilson. The family recently posed for a controversial photoshoot in Harper’s Bazaar. Based on accounts of Ciara being able to walk around and talk, there thankfully looks to be no serious injury for the R&B singer.

More details to come from LAPD reports.