Bodybuilder faces backlash after body-shaming woman at the gym

A female bodybuilder has been slammed for body-shaming a woman at the gym by posting unflattering photos of her on social media and making cruel jokes about her weight.

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Ban Diana Andrews from gyms for privacy invasion & 'body shames' a woman in the gym #DianaAndrews …

2:59 AM - 14 Mar 2017
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Diana Andrews, from London, shared a picture of a woman on a treadmill to her 17,000 Instagram followers with the caption “love handles."

She then posted another snap on her Instagram story with the caption: “I bet she’s ordering burgers for delivery.”

Her Instagram account has since been set to private following a backlash for her distasteful posts.

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But the photos were shared on a support group for women on Facebook with the caption: “This is why most people hate going to the gym to try and better themselves.”

Andrews has since apologized for her actions after body positive campaigners called her out on it.

She wrote on Snapchat: “I realised that I was wrong to make this silly joke. It wasn’t my intention to body shame, hurt or disrespect anyone.”