40 New & Upcoming Horror Movies Coming For You In 2017

As diehard horror fans, we know that half of the fun is talking about the movies we're waiting for, getting excited in eager anticipation for the return of a horror hero, or something new to expand our horizons. Check out 40 horror movies coming at you in 2017!

1. Children of the Corn: Runaway

Children of the Corn: Runaway

Released: 2017

If you misread the title and were expecting a Children of the Corn fashion extravaganza with the rural cult strutting their stuff on the runway, then I'm not alone. Expect more mischief from the malevolent kiddies in the tenth installment of the phenomenally successful series. Hopefully it'll be a RUNAWAY success (sorry).



Released: February 3rd, 2017

Years after The Ring 2 (March 18, 2005) Samara will crawl back out of her accursed well and wreak havoc on a bunch of teenagers with bad taste in unmarked VHS tapes. There may be a few more techy twists in the 2017 edition, but it's the good ol' Ring action that'll keep fans wanting more.